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The Ultimate Attic

The Ultimate Attic

At Ultimate Comfort not only is your comfort our business, but your attic is our business.
“The Ultimate Attic” reduces energy costs by adding extra layers of protection. By adding insulation, solar vents and the attic tent helps to removes the heat from your home and put it where it belongs…outside.
With all of the allergens in our homes such mold spores, pet dander, odors, VOC’s and the introduction of Covid19 the air we breathe is under constant assault. Our solution is the Reme Halo
We have a solution for all of your needs.
Give us a call today for “your no obligation evaluation” so you can have “The Ultimate Attic”
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Adding 6 inches of attic insulation greatly reduces your energy costs.


The attic tent not only reduces debris from falling from your attic. It reduces energy costs by keeping the heat in the attic.


The solar attic ventilation system removes attic heat without using any electricity.


The whole house UV Removes Odors, VOC’s, Dander and Airborne Mold Spores